Fall Outfit Example – feat. Frank & Oak Overcoat

Fall Outfit Example - feat. Frank & Oak Overcoat

STOKED to bring you guys an example of what I’m rocking for Fall. Thanks to Frank and Oak! – http://bit.ly/1QueJvF

They are sold out of that current color, but here is the next best alternative –
Single Breasted Top Coat in Black – https://www.frankandoak.com/product/31810?utm_source=unboxing-youtube&utm_medium=paid-video&utm_term=famebit-always-fresh-apparel-october&utm_content=always-fresh-apparel-single-breasted-top-coat-black&utm_campaign=famebit-yt-october

Use promo code ALWAYSFRESH25 to get 25% off of any order of 0 or more.

Check out their Hunt Club – http://bit.ly/1Vt9TFN

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  1. Fuck, I totally get that blob thing lol I usually wear all black and you can't even see my extended tee and I hate it lol

  2. This outfit is absolutely awful. The jeans ruin the smooth silhouette that Chelsea boots are supposed to create and you're wearing that overcoat in the worst way possible. On top of that, the layering is unnecessary. Worst of all, stacks with Chelseas fam? Are you serious?

  3. Fuck man you have all the extra shit I want. I do have a navy Burberry overcoat though from the 90's I got tailored and it looks good with everything

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