Fashion 911: How to Stretch Shrunken Sweaters & Clothes

Fashion 911: How to Stretch Shrunken Sweaters & Clothes

As part of Cardigan Empire’s Fashion 911 Series, here I walk you through how to save your shrunken sweater. This technique is great for wool, but will work for other natural fabrics as well and is meant to gain the maximum amount of inches back. You will need: a bowl or bucket of cool water, fabric softener, a towel, straight pins and foam or cork board. What other Fashion 911 remedies would you like to see?

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  1. Hi! 🙂 Is this a permanent solution for stretching a sweater? I mean, will it get back to the smaller size with time or does it remain stretched?

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  3. Great video but will the enlarged clothes go back to the shrunken size after I wash it again in the washer (cold water in it)?

  4. Hello! What if i bought a dress that is a little too short? Can i use this method to try and stretch it? Thanks.

  5. Would this work on my pants i only wore them once and the length got shorter, above my ankles and i dont like it!!?? PLZZZ SOMEONE HELP!!??
    My pants are:
    75% rayon
    22% nylon
    3% spandex. Plzz someone help if possible. Thanks

  6. OMFG… THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH… I have this shirt that I just pulled out of the dryer and found out that when I came to it in my pile of clothes… IT LOOKED SMALLER! And it was a shame I was only able to wear it once, but THIS VIDEO IS SUCH A LIFE SAVIOR. Thank you. Lol.

  7. Thanks so much for this video! I shrunk a really nice, expensive wool sweater and I'm hoping this works!

  8. Would this work on something like a Pendleton wool shirt? Its a flannel, and i feel like it wouldn't stretch much at all because thinner fibers. Thanks

  9. Thanks for the good information. Don't I need to rinse (or wash with cold water) once before wearing the fixed sweater? Would the hair conditioner be safe for skin?

  10. Yes, if you place it in the dryer again after stretching, you would loose most of the stretch you attained. I would recommend drying the items flat following washing.

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