Fido Friendly Tips to Keep Pet Costs Low | The Cheap Life with Jeff Yeager | AARP

Fido Friendly Tips to Keep Pet Costs Low | The Cheap Life with Jeff Yeager | AARP

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Owning a pet might seem counter intuitive to living The Cheap Life, but there are a few cheapskate principals that can make pet care and pet ownership much more affordable. The Ultimate Cheapskate Jeff Yeager shares some money saving tips for pet owners to keep your furry four legged friends happy and healthy. Special guest Kirsten Theisen, from The Humane Society of the United States talks with Jeff about saving money with pet adoption and pet care.

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Fido Friendly Tips to Keep Pet Costs Low | The Cheap Life with Jeff Yeager | AARP


  1. We adopted our little chijuajua mix from a Pet Rescue. He was so skinny and small. He was 2 years old when we found him. Gunnie was sitting in a huge cage and didn't show a sign of happiness, until my husband put his finger through a hole in the cage. Gunnie reached over and licked his finger and sat back down. Gunnie just seemed to  be so quiet and sort of depressed. So we took him home. He is now a healthy happy baby boy, who loves to chase squirrels and birds in his own back yard. He is a snuggly loveable smart little guy!! We love him very much!!

  2. JEF omg i luv u!!!! u hav a beyuteful seenging voys sebashun mackayles clood fostes annd fagetz frum blak buler anndjoe kalderoun sownd lyk S-H_ET!!!!

  3. Are you making that much money? I've been swindled a lot. Recently I picked up Clever Crib Coaching and it's performing already. $175 so far today and $350 yesterday! It could be that it's not as much as you say, but yo, it's real money and I'm happy with it. Google Clever Crib Coaching in order to give it a look.

  4. One of the things I like to do with torn toy parts like legs and heads is sew them together making a new toy from multiple toy parts. Mix and match them to make crazy and cute new friends for your friend.

  5. Don't forget rescue organizations! Not only do pure breed dogs (and mixed breeds) come with a smaller price tag when you adopt from a rescue, but you have the opportunity to give a dog a second chance at a long life in your forever home. Just one example is Cavalier Rescue USA.

  6. Haha! That's very clever! And now that we have a puppy,she will also help him. Trees are too big for her so she has the branches while he eats the tree.

  7. My brother got a dog for Christmas. A little Boston Terrier that was small, cute, and lovable, about 11 -12 years old. You would probably say that she was the most adorable little dog. She bit me on the eye yesterday. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, bad dog.!.!.!.
    Now I hate her. Big >:( ploooooosh.

  8. Jeff,
    I just discovered your channel, loved it, and have subscribed.
    In your episode about pets, I absolutely fell in love with, "Tully'. I liked how friendly and eager he seemed; but it was his, 'smiling', that captured my heart!

  9. Great show! We give my dog chew toys,but he just uses the trees. We don't know what to do. At least we don't have to worry about purchasing toys,but all those trees he eats,its a shame.

  10. Avoid "discount" plans disguised as insurance. They are contracts, not insurance, so should the pet die, you have to keep making payments till the end of the term. The payments and total cost are usually higher too, and you're limited to using their clinics, which don't handle emergencies so you'll end up paying twice anyway. I'll post on Jeff's FB page the 2 best pet insurance companies.

  11. It's important to keep your pet healthy, but accidents and illness can happen. Pet health insurance, IF you research the company and compare carefully, is inexpensive and can mean the difference between saving your dog's life or having to put him down if you can't afford veterinary fees. The key is to sign up when the pet is young with a provider that doesn't drop him when he reaches a certain age. Most also give discounts for multiple pets, and all can be stopped any time you choose.

  12. I thought ahead when I adopted my first dogs. I knew I did not have time or money to spend taking them to the groomers several times a year & did not have the skills or ability to do it myself so I chose short hair. The larger the dog the more food they eat so mine are under 10 lbs each. I feed them top tier food only which keeps them healthier so less vet bills & disease that I hear from others & they will longer. They keep me happy & healthier too!

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