Fix Almost Any Laptop Video Card for Free “Oven Trick”

Fix Almost Any Laptop Video Card for Free

DO NOT DO THIS if your Laptop Video is Working!!!
Watch me repair my Acer 8930G laptop video card Nvidia Geforce 9600m by sticking it in the oven at 385 degrees for 10 minutes. I read in forums about this “Last resort Oven Trick” and since I had my had video card laying around I decided to give the oven trick a go, since I had nothing to lose because I already purchased a replacement video card on Ebay.
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  1. the nightmare 8930G and bad luck with laptop keeps following me caus im here for my mx18 r1 ><
    both have failed me on gpu

  2. I have a laptop with faulty onboard gpu chip, so I will have to put entire mobo in there. I'm going cover all plastic slots with tinfoil and hopefully it won't melt.

  3. Hello. I have an Nvidia gt625m, the card stopped working one day, possibly due to rough use at school. Ran diagnostics, which told me I either have to get it refitted or replaced. Can I try out your method? My computer is a dell inspiron 14r

  4. Hi! I have an Issue to my HP G62. i need to cover the exhaust and wait 5min to overheat just to run the laptop again. do you think this will work? I did all things except this oven thing. same thing happens as yours, power on,fan spins,black screen.

  5. when i play high resolution games my screen gets all broken and stuff does anybody know the reason why
    (only with games)

  6. Hi , i have a Samsung Ativ 6 with AMD R9 M270x (or Radeon HD 8870M) , the amd graphic card burned a three months later , and now my temporary fix is using only Intel Hd 4000 , without AMD driver. This method It has at least 90% chance of working for me ???

  7. Hi there. I have an ATI Radeon on the laptop (HP G62) that dont work when i install the driver, i mean, allways appears the blue screen error, and now im working with the Intel Familiy video card. The Ati is integrated, is not a apart peace. I can do this trick by puting the hole motherboard (without cables ofc)?? or i can damage something like the processor or other thing?

  8. Heat treatment gets rid of tin whiskers. They sprout from the tin used to solder and plate electronic components of which nearly all micro components are susceptible.

  9. It works, i did it at 385f for 8 mins, a MxM 9500m gs on a acer 5820g got to work again. The computer started you could hear the windows start noise, i made sure it was working by using the shift key 5 times to hear the noise and wireless button was blinking meaning it was connected but the screen was off and wouldnt chage to a monitor by hdmi/vga even after running displayswitch.exe blindly ofc, after removing the card the screen would turn on but would just stay white as there was no card inside, so i did try this let it cool off for like 30 mins and boom its working!! Dont know for how long tho. Ill order a new one on ebay but it will work for the time being. Thank you very much.

  10. I GOT A Vaio and its graphic cards are the worst! Much kights green lines red lines when it opens and more..

  11. I just heated my Presario F730 and I got a flashing screen and when I don't heat it up it turns on but no display of the screen is it the video card?

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