Flooring 101: How to Install Laminate Flooring (Tap End Joint Method) | Lumber Liquidators

Flooring 101: How to Install Laminate Flooring (Tap End Joint Method) | Lumber Liquidators

How To Install Laminate Flooring (Tap end joint Method)

Many of our customers are the DIY type. Hopefully this guide will help you with installing your new Dream Home Laminate flooring. This can also be found in our Flooring 101section for an easy-to-print document.

Before you get started, make sure you have carefully prepared your floor (concrete, wood, sheet & tile flooring, carpeting, or radiant heat) properly for smooth installation and that the subfloor requirements have been met.

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  1. great video. I'm doing this same thing next week. needed to boost morale before beginning with lots of tips and tricks. :)

  2. Great video, will help a lot if I end up flooring myself.

    My whole room drops about 20cm over 6m. Is it a problem if the floating floor is on an incline?

    Also my house is really old, the rooms isn't exactly square. If I get it installed rather than doing it myself can I trust the installers to do a good job?

  3. What happened to the concept of starting in the middle of the room, like with hardwood flooring installation? Not all walls are square. Might have a surprise when you get to the opposite wall. No adhesive; no nails? I'm thinking of using this in a camper, but I cringe at the thought of the Masonite core.

  4. Question: How are concrete slabs laid in America? Do they not have a damp proof course underneath the slab? What's the point of the "moisture barrier" on top of the slab?

  5. When starting your first row (tounge facing the wall), use a table saw to cut off the tounges before installing with spacer.  Otherwise, you may end up with a gap larger than the original, or new baseboard molding can cover with one piece. This eliminates the need for a shoe molding in front of your baseboard molding, thus reducing your trim material and installation expenses.

  6. OK, you drew that line than you used the spacers as guides and covered up the line. What was the line for in the first place? 

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