Golf: How To Get Backspin

Golf: How To Get Backspin

Golf: How to get backspin – Our golf expert Rickard Strongert shows how to reach the tricky pin positions with a crafty backspin shot

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  1. Is this a JOKE? The swing at 2:27 is so wrong, his head is ahead of the ball and his body is ahead of the axis of his turn. This video is about three minutes 35 too long. Take your iron and pinch the ball in the dirt. Do not hit the ground first. And use a soft ball. You open up the club face you are going to hit a high drop shot

  2. The grooves have little to do with spin generation. In fact, it is possible to achieve as much spin with a completely flat face. The point of grooves is to work as a car tire, to transport water away from the surface area of the club to make for a clean contact.

  3. funny video. but great job explaining everything. and for all the critics. this helped me backspin it a few feet. it works

  4. I will use these pointers on my next round I am always landing on the back of the green and could use some spin to either stop it dead or come back a few yards. Good video

  5. Every hater here needs to take the instruction that was given and not break down the video itself. Go try those methods and I bet you will give the ball backspin. You have nothing better to do than critique an instructional video? I thought it was clear concise and to the point. Again, great job. I will practice this.

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