Meandmygolf give a good and simple routine to help align the body correctly and more consistently to the target


  1. heys guys i play off two and my coach off the tee says you can also use the alignment line on the ball to your target is that something that you guys recommend thanks.

  2. in regards to alignment … what changes if you are playing a cut or a draw etc … not many of us hit it straight

  3. Your feet are lined up left of the left bunker – not parallel with the target line which is why your shot went left. I don't know where the ball finished but it started at the left bunker and probably faded slightly because you were set up slightly open (IMHO). You have actually perfectly demonstrated how difficult it is to achieve perfect alignment and why you see seasoned pros practicing with the alignment sticks.

  4. I would like to say Thank you very much for all these video's . My grandpa has been playing golf all his life and even worked on a golf course for 15 years , and im just getting into it as im 20 . So ive been playing just as much as i work lol and whenever i cant seem to get anything down i come on here and watch you two and learn and go out there and i really see my golf game getting better every day ! i shot a 79 yesterday and i feel the best i ever have ! So thank you for all these video's and please keep them coming

  5. hey guys so I stumbled across your videos a while back after having a few issues with my scoring irons and just having a video to list out a set up to ensure you're putting yourself in best position to make good shots helped a ton. just a check list to go through. I've been playing about 5 years and sit around a 7 index and I definitely get a lot from your content. appreciate your time and vids. looking to check some videos to help me develop more power now that I have my swing where it's working lol. at this point when I try to unload on the ball I tend to hit a Gary woodland power fade which would be ok if I were aligned for it but usually not hah. maybe a hip thing but I'll be watching more vids to figure it out. keep up the work boys. cheers from cali.

  6. I can generally get my face square but my feet always line up very closed, but I cannot for the life of me see it. But when I setup to what feels right, then place my club on the ground in line with my feet and step away I'm always blown away at how closed they were. Then when I move the club to be on the right line and step back in I always feel so open but the shot result is 100% better.

    Today I played 2 balls for 9 holes. The first ball was just lining up with feel, the second was using my club to line up (every single time I was very closed which either resulted in a straight to the right block or a big hook). The difference was 6 strokes! That's 12 for 18 which I usually shoot 85. I really feel if I could get my alignment figured out I could be a scratch golfer but my brain is just playing visual tricks on me.

    How can I get my feet better aligned without placing my club down on every shot to align it? I do this pick a spot 18 inches out but it doesn't seem to help. My eyes and brain are telling my feet the wrong thing :(

  7. Thanks guys for your informative tips. I love your videos and the manner in which you share your knowledge. This is my third year golfing and your tips are playing an important role in my development. I've started to consistently shoot under 100 this season. Thanks and plz keep it up!

  8. Hey guys I love your videos. You've helped me immensely. I golfed a few times in the military but due to an injury and a surgery that followed it wasn't until this year I could play again. I started with the grip video and got hooked from there. My consistency isn't perfect but I'm hitting it much better including some 275+ yard drives in the fairway. I'm officially hooked on golf and your videos. Thanks so much. 

  9. Hello there, one question for you about the line up and watching your videos. I completely get the 18 inch spot (never thought of that and now will be using it) I was taught and a young age to align your feet or more so toes to point to your target point. Is this still true or is it based off preference? I do ask because I was looking at your feet and noted it was not pointed at the target. Thanks again and thanks for the great videos. 

  10. Hi MeandMyGolf I'm spencer I'm a high school golfer and I've been having trouble putting a consistent swing on the ball and often find myself in the ruff on my tee shot and off the green in in regulation any thoughts?? Thanks

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