Gordon Ramsay Homemade Gnocchi

Gordon Ramsay Homemade Gnocchi

Gordon Ramsay Home Made Gnocchi Paprika Ultimate Cookery Course
Recipe – http://goo.gl/vKhlG8


  1. Imagine if he were a sex therapist…Now add the lubricator, i want something really soft and don't overwork it, it causes the sensation to numb when it hits the "spot". That's exactly what i want, a soft fragrant you-know-what, clean the balls, gently lubricate, the hands and just roll it, gently. Just think of a long big sausage, The mixture is going to get a it sort of wetter, don't add lots of lubricant, now add a bit of lubricant so when it enters the spot it so won't stick…XD

  2. I like this way of preparing these gnocchi to the truth when it would have estava doing my excellent appetite ramsy I am an admirer of your kitchen and that God continue to use me in this art as I like being in one of its projects

  3. I actually  like his recipe,,, Italians have  1000 different ways of making their own recipes ,, so who is wright and who is wrong ??tried Italian restaurant Gnocchi's and they were shit……  I have Italians in the family …… and its a joke they are all perfect,,,, each one to their own

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