Guitar Lesson – How To Play Your First Chord

Guitar Lesson - How To Play Your First Chord

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  1. Hey I love how you have the tutorials for free I've been trying to learn but everyone else cost money and I just don't have any money because I'm a kid

  2. nut width in relation to how close the strings are .     Seems my fingers touch more than one string ?  Could I have too narrow a nut on my guitar ?

  3. i decided to take up guitar today and found your video in the first place. But my fingers hurt like crazy when i press the strings, any experience to avoid the pain? Thanks a ton!

  4. I'm going to take a class on how to play a guitar so I don't want to look like fool when holding a guitar, I'm going to High School

  5. Thank you for the great video. It helps me a lot. I start to play on my own in my spare time, but several days ago I found the tutor on Vis-a-Vis (mobile app), who saved my money and time.

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