Guitar Lessons for Beginner | How to Play Guitar for beginners

Guitar Lessons for Beginner | How to Play Guitar for beginners

Guitar Lessons for Beginner ♪ with “Guitar Kick Start” of Rick Spurgin is a great beginners guitar course to get started! This is a free course designed for the very beginner with over 20 guitar videos easy to follow examples along with printable PDFs.

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♫ You will start off learning the basics such as with this Guitar Lessons for Beginner, what kind of guitar is right for you, the differences between electric and acoustic guitars, how to hold your guitar and how to properly tune it. You will then learn how to read chord graphs and some easy form chords along with strumming exercises to build your skills. “Guitar Kick Start” is a great way to start your journey in playing guitar and will give you a taste of what’s to come.

♫ After completing “Guitar Kick Start” the next step will be to join “Introduction to Guitar”. Here you will then begin to learn more chords and practice with commonly used chord progressions to develop your chord knowledge. In this Guitar Lessons you will learn how to read TAB, rock power chords, and how to play a 12-Bar Blues. At the end of this Guitar Lessons course you will have the skills that you always wanted to be able to play your favorite songs.

Everyone learns at a different pace. Be patient. Allow yourself plenty of practice time to properly develop your new guitar skills.

This courses – Guitar Lessons for Beginner – have small easy to comprehend video lectures to practice with. This will allow you to work a little at a time or keep going if you like a faster pace.

If you always wanted to learn the guitar, but just didn’t have the time or the budget for private lessons, this is the Guitar Lessons for you.

♫ What are the requirements in Guitar Lessons for Beginner?

You will need to have a guitar. Acoustic or Electric will be fine.

♫ What am I going to get from this course?

Over 22 lectures and 57 mins of content!
Learn how to pick the right guitar for you
Learn the differnces between electric and acoustic guitars
Learn how to read chord graphs
Learn some easy for chords
Learn how to change from chord to chord

♫ What is the target audience?

This Guitar Lessons is meant for the very beginner. If you are an experienced player, this is NOT the course for you. You may want to join “Introduction to Lead Guitar”.

♫ Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: How to Pick Out a Guitar
Picking Out a Guitar

Section 3: Guitar Knowledge
Parts of the Guitar
Positions & Picks

Section 4: Tuning You Guitar
String Names

Section 5: EZ Form Chords & Strumming Exercises
Reading Chord Grids
EZ Form G Chord
Working with the EZ G Chord
Working with the EZ G Chord Part 2
Working with the EZ G Chord Part 3
EZ C Chord
Working with the EZ C Chord
Working with the EZ C Chord Part 2
EZ G7 Chord
Working with the EZ G7 Chord
Learn to Change from Chord to Chord
Learn to Change from Chord to Chord Part 2

Section 6: Metronomes

Section 7: Conclusion

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