Harald Harb’s “How to Ski” Advanced, Lesson 2

Harald Harb's

Check Series 2, Lesson 1 to get more information about flexing into a turn!!! Lesson 2, Expert Skier Coaching series explaining the virtues of flexing and tipping in skiing. Filmed in Austria, Hintertux Glacier.
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  1. Harald, great video!  You give away a lot free! I especially like the last run you had in this video and have a couple of questions: 1) The turns you demonstrate here look like a hybrid of "Flappers" and "Short curved turns" to me.  How do you classify them?  2) Your feet seem to be somewhat apart.  I try to keep my free foot touch my stance foot throughout the turn, but it is hard to do that all the time with my weakening leg and lower back muscles.  Is it okay to leave the inside ski on snow with a slight distance from the downhill ski as far as I can tip enough?  Thanks.

  2. Interesting how this contradicts BASIs technical outlook from what I can see….What your views on boot stiffness Harald? From what I could see nice gentle flex in the ankles?

  3. I have subscribed to your YouTube Channel and have been Watching your videos over and over! I have learned more watching your videos over these 2 weeks I actually went yesterday and practiced to the best of my ability your way of teaching. At times it was effortless turns, Felt Unbelievable and easy. I am building your Slantboard as I write this! Just one question: Can you please explain the flexing part? A bit confused on transitioning from edge to edge. I understand the Phantom Move : Pushing the Small toe and the new Outside Ski will Follow. Very simple on Flatter runs. Hit a steep Hill Yesterday and went back to the old way as you say" Pushing" the skis out instead of carving ! Maybe the explanation of "Flexing " will help me. A Big Thank you to you and your Ski System! You make it look EFFORTLESS!

  4. Wow. Thank you!  Have spent 1/2 of my time on skis (a reasonably long time) trying to extend hips into new turn and have accomplished quite a bit; but this is simply correct.  Thank you.

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