Holiday Travel Deals: When to Book Your Flight

Holiday Travel Deals: When to Book Your Flight

A study suggests airline prices are lowest eight weeks before the holidays.

CheapOair Mobile App: The Fastest Way to Book Your Flight

CheapOair is inventing better ways to book. This promo video for the CheapOair mobile app shows how we’re making it fast, easy and affordable to book travel on the go.


  1. DO NOT BOOK WITH CHEAPOAIR!! I booked a return flight through Cheapoair on Aegean Airlines from Düsseldorf to Cairo. using my credit card. the reservation process was successful and we received the reservation confirmation. on the next day one of Cheapoair employee called me to make sure that the process is true and legal and to verify the credit card details,so he told me that everything is OK, and did not ask me to do anything more.
    On the same day we received an e.mail stating that they follow (stringent verification measures of credit cards). Thereafter we did not received any E.mails or calls from them.
    On the flight day we went to Dusseldorf Airport,I was shocked that our flight is canceled!! I called cheapoair customer service, they were very non estimating and non-cooperative. they told us that our bank refused to make the transaction so the flight was canceled!
    then one of your Credit Card Verification Department told me I should make a new booking and I should pay the money difference (this is almost 3 folds of the price we reserved for).
    We lost our flight, I lost so many businesses in Cairo and I face so many losses and problems for that reason. Moreover I drived 200 Km fro and throw and one day of parking there. all of that in addition to the psychological effect on my family especially my son who lost his vacation with his bigger family in Egypt.
    I contacted my bank and they denied any trial of Cheapoair for money transaction request and my Bank custmer service called Cheapoair in front of me, the Cheapoair employee could not argue , and he just said we are SORRY we will not do that agian, and if you need new ticket we can book it for you but you should pay the fee difference.
    I have complained officially to cheapoair, then after more than a week they realized their mistake but refuse to compensate my losses instead they offered me 200 USD travel voucher to stay quiet and shut my mouth.

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