Hong Kong Egg Tarts (Re-uploaded)

Hong Kong Egg Tarts (Re-uploaded)

Recipe: http://kitchentigress.blogspot.sg/2012/10/hong-kong-egg-tarts-video.html
Happiness is eating an egg tart hot from the oven.

Music: Dance of the Hours


  1. As a Chinese myself, I can say the pair of hands that were on the video belonged to my people, Chinese 🙂 In any event, a job well-done and those Don-Tarts sure does look d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! My guess is you are a sefi yourself.:-) Thanks.  

  2. Hi Kitchen Tigress, does the crust become soggy after sometime like for example at night if i bake it in the morning? 

  3. adding a certain amount of yolk and egg whites instead of just putting in one entire egg is kind of psychotic… but then again I love watching your videos because of the psychotic way you make perfect cakes

  4. looks pretty but there is no replacement for the puff pastry version of dan tot.  that version is flaky, crunchy, buttery.  only downside is that it is more complicated and time-consuming.

  5. My comment was directed to George who clearly cannot see that there is text in video in perfect sync with every step. lol

  6. I could not disagree more. The tutorial is to the point in my opinion. Nothing needs to be said. The video quality is perfect, visually clear ,instructions are clear as well as the recipe. Much better than lots of other Tutorials I've seen where there is too much talking , sometime incomprehensable. and or recipes are missing crucial ingredients. And if the video is not enough you can always go to her blog that is clearly listed underneath video..Great Tutorial in my opinion 

  7. this recipe so much easier than all the other ones i've seen where you have to freeze the dough every 20 mins and rolling it out with a sheet of butter >.> for a total of 6 times? if I remember correctly.

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