How I Pack My Hand Luggage/Cabin Bag for City Trip (RyanAir friendly!)

How I Pack My Hand Luggage/Cabin Bag for City Trip (RyanAir friendly!)

This is my video on how I pack my hand luggage for a short city break! I hope you enjoy!

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The one that’s closest to my own bag is probably this one:



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Quotient TravelPlanner's Guide To Packing For A Winter Holiday (feat. Miss Bunn)

Have trouble packing all your heavy clothes into your luggage whenever you go on a winter holiday? In this video, Quotient TravelPlanner shares some clever packing tips to ensure you are kept sufficiently warm, while still leaving enough space for all your shopping!

Items (as featured in video) to include for a winter trip (0˚C ~ 10˚C) of about 8 days:
4 sets of clothes, which includes tops, bottoms, undergarment and socks
3 sets of thermal wear (you can bring less)
1 set of lounge wear (comfortable clothes to wear in the hotel room)
3 pairs of shoes — sports shoes, boots and slippers
1 pair of gloves
1 cap/hat
1 shawl/scarf
1 bag to keep all electronics and miscellaneous items
1 bag to keep all toiletries and cosmetics
1 shopping bag
A few plastic bags
1 compact first aid kit
1 vacuum flask
1 small wallet
1 umbrella
1 backpack

To visit the site where Miss Bunn booked her customised holiday, visit:

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  1. Hi are all liquids under 100mls (as regulated) is it ok for them products to be in original packaging as in shampoo shower gel make-up foundation etc . TIA

  2. absolutely love your video! Thanks for posting this, i just subbed! I am going to milan and geneva tomorrow and using ryan air for milan, wasn't sure if a backpacker backpack would be too big! hope you can check out my travel vlogs too!

  3. Dya remember when ya were only left 10 items in the liquids bag?! Even if they were just scabby little samples. Made packing so fecking stressful! Great idea for a video, I'm off to watch the vlogs now :D

  4. Organisationgasm! 

    I'm gonna guess somewhere coastal, because of the rain thing. Beyond that, I'm stumped. Have a great time, lady!

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