How Should An Overcoat or Peacoat Fit? – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide – Topcoat

How Should An Overcoat or Peacoat Fit? - Men's Clothing Fit Guide - Topcoat – for details about how an Overcoat or Peacoat should fit. – for the best Overcoats & Peacoats all men should own. – to download my free 40 page style ebook:
“The 10 Most Overlooked Style Mistakes & How To Fix Them”

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  1. Thanks Ashley! I get a lot of flak for dressing fashionably. That is, until my friends and I go anywhere ladies frequent 😉 Haha, keep it up!

  2. I want to buy a peacoat from sterlingwear online but I'm really worried about the fitting since I won't be able to try it on before I order it. How do I compensate my measurements for the space the blazer/suit will take up inside the coat?

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