How the Hell Do I Afford to Travel So Much??

How the Hell Do I Afford to Travel So Much??

An explanation of how I’ve been able to afford traveling around the world on a budget for the past 25 years.
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How the Hell Do I Afford to Travel So Much??


  1. Very inspirational Gabriel. I thought I was too old to travel at 49. Your videos give me that drive to keep on going as the enjoyment of travel is the best for me. Unfortunately my partner does not have the same ideas! One will have to go! Keep up the great work.

  2. I dont mean to be like the cry baby here…but as a man is really much easier…safer…less messy and so on.
    You guys have all the luck.
    Great videos Gabriel.

  3. "Travel India for just 10$ a day! I document my expenses throughout the day: eating out, using internet, etc…. I mean, it's more like 15$ a day… but for 15$ dollars a day you can pretty much do anything in India: go to the Taj Mahal, visit a zoo, buy gifts… for 15 to 20$ a day! That's right! You can travel for cheap. Just 25 to 30$ a day!"

  4. your videos are awesome, your seriously an inspiring and BRAVE dude to do what you do the way you do, love it!! keep living life!! your killing it @gabrieltraveler

  5. Hi Gabriel, love your videos. I understand that exploring and relaxing is free but I'd like to know, how often do you splurge on something like a snorkeling session? While I think it's still fun to relax, I couldn't help but feel I'd be missing out on a part of my trip if I didn't go do an activity a country is known for, even if it did cost a good bit of money.

  6. do you ever run into dangerous situations in Mexico or other countries the media portrays as 'sketchy?' or is that all propaganda.

  7. People ask me that all the time, and I tell them it's all about traveling on a budget, doing the research on places you want to go, looking for good flight deals online, save your money and use that vacation time. I've travelled to like 8 countries since 2007. I studied abroad in Guatemala for a month, very cheap to stay in Guatemala on a budget.

  8. thanks for answering that question i was gonna ask u that how u afford all of the travels but now i know thanks for the tips.. i admire u for all of ur travels..

  9. The Astonisher! Thank you for that comment, I find myself regularly feeling guilty that im 33 single and STILL travelling the world. Sometimes i feel irresponsible, or guilty, and think maybe its time to stop, and get a real job, a house and a partner. But i dont want to! I love travelling! Ive never looked at it in a way of having courage, but you are right!

  10. Hey Gabriel I understand about the budget but what about the passports and visa. Like do u have to apply visa and wait for every country you wanna visit or is it as easy as jumping on a plane and travelling.

  11. Easy. Not buying things you don't need. Not drinking. Not blowing your money on parties. And working with the goal in mind that soon, very soon, you will be at a place much much better than a party :)

  12. You tend to spend much more time in warmer beach type destinations. Do you prefer these type locales to colder ones or do you spend more time there because they are cheaper. I would prefer colder mountainous places but they are probably more expensive in general.

  13. Hi! Just curious if you have a home base that you return to after your travels? Or are you continuously traveling until you run out of money? Thanks@ Love your videos!!

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