How To #1 || Tying Hidden Shoe Laces || Men’s Style

How To #1 || Tying Hidden Shoe Laces || Men's Style

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Learn to tie hidden shoes laces in 8 easy steps!

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  1. I figured out how to do the "bar" style laces myself long ago (though it did take a long time and give me a headache) instead of doing the traditional criss-cross pattern. I was hoping your lace hiding technique would be better than the average "cram the laces into the shoe and step on them" sort of thing though… That's extremely uncomfortable to me, and it doesn't help to keep the laces at the right amount of tension, either.

  2. Thank you so much, I had recently bought a pair of Vans and I did not like the fish tail method of lacing and since I knew about this video from previous lacing, I came straight to this.

  3. man every time you try to find a useful answer to such a dumb issue there's always a piece of shit video like this

  4. I have 6 shoe holes. What should I do with the remaining lace? It always ends up at the same side of the opposite lace.

  5. Hey Trend Prince im still stuck at step 1, it's between chuck taylos and nike mens matches. Help greatly appreciated!!

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