How To Alter Pant Legs that Drag Toward the Inseam by Sure-Fit Designs™

How To Alter Pant Legs that Drag Toward the Inseam by Sure-Fit Designs™ and How to alter pant legs if they have drag lines that swing toward the inseam when sewing with the Sure-Fit Designs™ system of pattern fitting and designing. This short online video class shows an easy technique to correct the hang of the pant leg. Sure-Fit Designs™ provides an easy fitting, designing and sewing system that allows you to blueprint your body shape and size, which results in a personalized fit — your personal sloper. Your body blueprint will fit; the resulting patterns will fit. Great for plus size and full figure pattern making.


  1. Loved your tutorial, but how do you (alter) your pants with a low inseam.  The pants are already put together by the store but I don't want a low inseam when I wear them. If you need a pic let me know.  Thanks

  2. Yes it is too bad that you didn't discover Sure-Fit Designs sooner. We've been offering this fitting system for over 30 years and women around the globe love it. You might want to check out the Pants fitting Course we offer. You can go to either website to see it. We're not allowed to give web links in these comments, but you can just go to Sure-Fit Designs. Also, you are likely aware that you can return Craftsy classes if you're not happy with. Just a thought…

  3. Wow! I'm so impressed. Frankly, I'm feeling disgusted with myself at this moment because I just discovered SFD and I've put so much money into learning how to fit pants without the desired results! Just this week purchased 5 sewing/fitting videos from Craftsy. Evidently could have done so much better here. Oh we'll, my eyes have been opened. My sewing dollars will definitely be spent here.

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