How to Answer – Tell me about yourself | Clear Any Interview Part 3

How to Answer - Tell me about yourself | Clear Any Interview Part 3

Interview Tips | How to Answer – Tell me about yourself | Most Common Interview Questions & Answers | Mock Interviews

We plan & prepare well for all important events in our life. Similarly, one has to prepare well for an interview as the HR or Hiring Manager may take a final decision about offering you the job in that meeting itself.

In any interview, HR Manager will ask the first icebreaking question, “Tell me something about yourself”… Often candiates end up talking too much or too less when answering this question.

Applying for a job means preparing a professional resume, preparing a list of interview questions and answers and much more…

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  1. Recently I appeared for an Interview @ IBS HYDERABAD for MBA admission.This was the first question asked to me.My question is not relevant to the video still I would like to have your opinion on my question. After my PI was over I went near the table of the interviewer and had a handshake before i left.Will it give a positive response in my PI???

  2. How to finish my sentence? after I answered this question. HR still looking my face like he needs more. do I need to continue or just say thats it.

  3. hi sir, i like this video. You given a good information about S.D. and also i completed my engineering in 2015 sir but i'm not interest with software field. and also i'm trying to get job in BPO companies and i attend also but the H.R asked me one thing, "you completed your engineering, why are coming into this BPO jobs?" so what would be the best answer to replay that question sir? I don't have better answer, please give me one impressive answer for that. thank you sir

  4. Sir i like this video.And I'm fresher.I have attended an interview,there HR asked "tell me about yourself but don't mention the things which are in your resume like your family backgroud,education background" like that.

  5. what we can add which look as oppertunity to interviewer when we are giving interview to a school for child admission.

  6. sir, I am an introverted person and i got difficulty in expressing myself clearly, adding to that i talk very fast (whether its my mother tongue of any other language ). how can i over come both.

  7. Sir i like this video but i have a question. I'm a fresher, so i have no professional experience. So is it enough for me to tell only my name, age, Educational qualification and qualities? Please suggest some more tips for freshers.
    Thank you sir.

  8. sir,i am pursuing my btech final year.Am going to attend campus placements.will you please modify the self introduction of mine
    sir,my name is mouniak
    i belong to madhapur.
    i am currently pursuing my btech final year.
    i am quite good in browsing.
    i am fond of listening music.
    thats about me sir.

  9. sir ths video is gud nd helpful for me bt iam feeling so tensed while attening an interview tht i can undustand from my voice. wht i have to do to over come this

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