how to bake a pizza in regular oven

how to bake a pizza in regular oven

COME CUOCERE LA PIZZA NEL FORNO DI CASA questo video è per tutte la gente che non è fornita di una pala o non sà usarne una video molto semplice e veloce
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Inglese: HOW TO COOK THE PIZZA IN THE OVEN HOUSE This video is for all the people who are not equipped with a shovel or does not know how to use one very simple and fast video
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Cinese :學會烹製比薩餅烤箱HOUSE這部影片是所有誰沒有配備鏟子或不知道如何使用一個非常簡單和快速的視頻的人

Arabic:كيفية طبخ البيتزا في المنزل OVEN هذا الفيديو هو لجميع الناس الذين ليست مجهزة مع مجرفة أو لا يعرف كيفية استخدام واحد فيديو بسيط جدا وسريع
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Spanish :CÓMO COCINAR LA PIZZA EN LA CASA DEL HORNO Este video es para todas las personas que no están equipados con una pala o no saben cómo utilizar un vídeo muy simple y rápido
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  1. Ciao Vito, great video, very informative! I have one question for you, where can I get your apron? I too am from Bari and would love to have that apron, recalling one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  2. Pudieras dejar la piedra calentándose en el horno, así transfieres la pizza a la piedra ya caliente. No soy un experto, pero debería quedar con mejor textura. Aunque de cualquier forma, pizza es pizza. Comida flexible, siempre queda rica. Gracias.

  3. Very good advise; always had problem with the dough not cooked; now I know how to get both ( Dough and topping) done; thanks; my question; how long (time) to you keep the pizza dough with sauce in the oven before you add toppings??

  4. You should re-do this video. This is not how you use a pizza stone. Following this video negates the purpose of the stone and will cause it to break if you keep putting it into a hot oven like that. It should heat up with the oven….the way a real brick oven floor does.

  5. Dear Vito,

    You have lots of great videos, but what did i just see??
    Did you put the pizza in the oven on a cold pizza stone? WTF! :O

    Imagine you put your pizza in your super 1000 degrees pizza oven, and then make up fire after it`s in…
    Your pizza will never get crispy or cooked underneath.

    You need to delete this video, and we all need to forget we ever saw this… ;)

  6. Ciao Vito! My Italian vocabulary is very limited. While I have no professional pizza making experience, I have a little over 2 years of experience making pizza at home. With that in mind, I would like to point out that while the outer edge (il cornicione) of your homemade pizza turned out beautifully, the underside of the dough remained rather white and pale. One way to remedy that problem at home, without a wood oven, would be to finish cooking the pizza immediately after partially baking it in the oven… either on a grilling pan or on a cast-iron griddle. Whichever one you decide to use, both would need to be preheated and of course be large enough to accommodate the size of the pizza; most of my pizzas are at or around 11~12-inches in diameter (27.9~30.4 cm), so my grill pans and pizza pans are at least 13-inches or larger. Wiping a paper towel that has been soaked in some olive oil (either light olive oil or extra virgin olive oil) directly onto the surface of either the pan or the griddle will aid in sufficiently cooking the underside of the pizza. If your oven is NOT electric, but instead uses natural gas/flame, and if the flame or heating element is underneath the metal or ceramic base of the oven, you can simply use any standard steel pizza pan and set it directly on top of the base the oven (not on any of the racks). At the highest temperature setting possible, the pizza pan should get sufficiently hot enough to cook and brown the underside of the pizza. I like to keep the door/cover of the oven open while I perform that step because that would allow me to determine when the underside of the pizza is fully cooked, simply by the smell… that is, the underside of the pizza begins emitting a rich aroma as it heats up…. but as the desired char and browning of the dough begins to develop, the aroma begins to smell slightly smokey. That's when I take out the pizza from the oven and plate it immediately. I should also state that I actually begin by baking the pizza at the center height/middle rack of the oven, just like what you did in this video…. but only long enough to allow the cornicione to rise and to be sufficiently cooked all the way through… but then I finish cooking it on the grill pan. It is also important that I mention that I don't own or use a baking stone (una pietra per pizza). Other times, I would also put the pizza under the broiler after baking…. and THEN finishing the pizza on the grill pan. Every once in a while, I like to experiment to see which ingredient substitutions and workflow modifications yield results that are as close as possible =) to true Neapolitan-style pizza, using regular home tools and domestic supermarket ingredients. Trial and error… it's fun… I learn a lot…. and with enough experience and practice, the results usually end up becoming more consistent and tasting very delicious!

  7. i thing u need to set the pizza stone in oven first and it gonna be perfect im not trying to learn you but thats why u buy iit to create like a pizza oven in your home oven..cheers

  8. vito complimenti si vede sei un maestro ..con un forno di casa una pizza così non è facile! !grande ciao

  9. you should keep the stone in the oven heating and put the dough on it when its ready .
    at the end the pizza looks too much like biscuit but still yummy :)

  10. una domanda,io ho quella pietra e la preriscaldo prima in forno mentre va su di temperatura eppoi con una pala di legno impalo la pizza e la metto sopra la pietra!dici che sia meglio come fai te o come faccio io?perché se poi ne devi fare più di una di pizza,la pietra va giù di temperatura e nn cuoce più sotto

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