How To Be A Stand-Up Comedian – Dec 17, 2010 Tips On How To Get Started

How To Be A Stand-Up Comedian -  Dec 17, 2010 Tips On How To Get Started
Mark Bennett, a pro stand-up from Canada shows you what it’s like to be a paid comic on the North America comedy scene. This video series gives you the inside scoop on being a working comedian in 2011. To make a living as an entertainer without the use of television sitcoms, reality shows, and movies is not impossible. Follow Mark as he treks through the Canadian funny business. Mark interviews other pros to give helpful tips and advice for anyone interested in comedy as a career or hobby.


  1. I've gotten a start in it by pefroming I front of family events im on YouTube pose to do one this Christmas eve

  2. I would like to be a comedian Iv been told that I'm funny many times by friends and family but i dont know of any comedy clubs in my area Does someone have advice for me if so it would be appreciated cheers

  3. Start out your 5 minute set with a good joke from the 2 min set and end with the best joke from the 2 min set. Try all your new jokes in the middle. That's usually the best way to go.

  4. Yeah – that sucks. The key to a good open mic is to have at least a few people in the audience who aren't on the show. If it's always like that at that show, then maybe look for another venue. Don't get discouraged – they're not all like that.

  5. Have you ever been to an open stand-up night and it was all just comedians? It was my first time at open mic night, i went last after 16 other people!. No one was there except for other comedians openly commentating about my set. More like heckling. Is this how it usually is because it's not very fun.

  6. When doing your first performance, usually the best approach is rehearsal. Have your routine memorized perfectly. You should be able to do it in your sleep. That way, it'll come out the way you practiced and give you the best results. Nerves won't factor in because you've done it so many times before.

    Connecting with the audience is simple – just be sincere. Have respect for them and write jokes from your personal experience. Interpret the world through your unique point of view.

  7. im doing my first stand up routine ever this next week im 15 years old and ive been working on this for a long time ive always wanted to be a stand up comedian but how do you get rid of those nerves and just go out there and be yourself? and how do you connect with the audience so you can keep them laughing?

  8. Always write what you care about. Do you hate reality TV? Write about that. Do you get annoyed at school? Write about that. Are you bad at sports? Good at sports? Obviously you get my point. Whatever is on your mind – try to find jokes about those topics. All good comics write about what they are passionate about – even if that passion is farting. Good luck and have fun.

  9. @jackschreck There's no set age to try comedy. I've seen guys as young as 12 and as old as 65 try it for the first time. It's definitely preferable to perform at a comedy club, but if a bar in your area runs a decent open mike, you can try it out there. Being young shouldn't hold you back – in fact youth usually helps simply because you have more time to grow as a comic. So give it a shot – as long as the place your performing is not dangerous, of course.

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