How to Become a Good Power Forward | Basketball

How to Become a Good Power Forward | Basketball

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Ray: Alright Swoop.

Swoop: Yeah, I need some help bro, Ray. Now, I want to become a better power forward. I’m pretty tall. Alright, and I’m just lacking some of the things I need to become a better power forward. Can you help me out?

Ray: You need power

Swoop: What? Look at this muscle right here son. You see that right here?

Ray: You sure that’s not like a nervous twitch?

Swoop: No man! It’s honest work! I was just, that’s like 17 push-ups a week.

Ray: That’s involuntarily muscle movement. Alright Swoop, I’m going to show you how to become a better power forward. We brought in

Ray and Swoop: The expert.

Swoop: Yes

Ray: DP, this is power right here.

Swoop: Oh OK.

Ray: This is six foot six inches of pure power.

Swoop: Wow.

Ray: First thing about the power forward position is that you gotta be able to rebound the basketball.

Swoop: Rebounding! That’s important.

Ray: How do you go to rebound it? Like this?

Swoop: No, no, no, no ,no

Ray: You want to rebound the ball with two hands.

Swoop: Nice

Ray: And you want to do what’s called chinning’ it.

Swoop: Chinning’ it.

Ray: So you keep the basketball close to your chin as the defense tries to smack it out. They won’t be able to get it,

Swoop: Good Work

Ray: because you got that ball close, tucked in.

Swoop: OK so I’m going to get strong. Get Strong!

Ray: Now on the offensive end, you want to post up.

Swoop: Post up!

Ray: Get a good base on the post up.

Swoop: Right!

Ray: Show your hands and where you want the ball!

Swoop: Very Strong!

Ray: Yeah, now the guy on offense knows where to throw it and then you can operate!

Swoop: Nice!

Ray: You know about operating’ right?

Swoop: Operating’! Yeah, I, I think I can!

Ray: You a smooth operator!

Swoop: No, I have the game operation! Out there, buzz, I got it wrong! Gets me every time! You funny doe! It’s right there, it’s right there!

Ray: It’s right there! So that’s the, that’s how you become a better power forward on the offensive and on the defensive end. You wanna show a good post presence with good balance on the offensive end and on the defensive end you wanna make sure your first thing is you become a good rebounder, grabbing the ball with 2 hands and being able to start that fast break and getting it to a guard.


  1. What position can I play? I'm 5'4 1/2 and I'm 160 lbs. I don't look that fat. I can shoot 3s but not that good. I'm better at the inside.

  2. I need some help because this year I'm trying out for basketball. and my height is 6'2, is that a PF or Center Size?

  3. Help. I am 5'3 12 years trying out for the basketball teamlayup-need more practicerebound-greatshooting good but can be betterdribbling-getting theredefense-greatpassing – greatany ideas what I can be

  4. im a 6'0 13 year old PF really undersized but im really good in post and a lockdown defender sadly i can't make a jumper to sace my life but im money with tough shots any tips on how to improve my dribbling?

  5. thx for this vid. this position is perfect for me. all i get are rebounds.. make great passes, and shoot good lay ups.

  6. i am a power forward  i am 14 and 210cm i am a good post player an a great rebounder and i score so many points but my defence is realy bad can i have some idvice please

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