How to Better Your Pullups,Run Time, and Sit Ups for the PFT

How to Better Your Pullups,Run Time, and Sit Ups for the PFT

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  1. I'm in DEP right now doing PT with my recruiter and I've only been able to do around 50 crunches. But there's a weird point where I don't feel pain or weakness, my abs just seem to tense up and don't want to allow me to go up again. Is that to do with improper breathing or something?

  2. i understand this video was from 14', What's your rank if you dont mind me asking? great videos man, for they are very informative.

  3. an 18min 3 mile is better then me and I like to run.. takes me 7 minuets to do a mile but I'm not in the military

  4. I Just enlisted into the Marines today and did pull ups and crunches. I got 27 pull ups and only 62 crunches lol. I thought my abs were strong cause I work them out all the time. I was shocked that I didn't do more than 62…I need work to get to 100 bad.

  5. My goal is to have a perfect IST before I ship out in June I currently do 21 pullups, So I got that made. Over 100 crunches every time. So that's not to hard. The only thing I haven't perfected is a run time. I'm running just under 10 minutes on my 1.5 mile. I need 9 minutes for perfect. Almost there.

  6. thank you for the encouraging words, im only 2 months in to my dep and my ship date is in January. im confident on meeting requirements but know im not there yet slowly inching to a better run time.

  7. I'm a girl, 19 years old, and have been thinking of joining the marines, but I've been told by many people that they'd recommend me going into the Air Force instead of the marines. Personally, I've always wanted to join the marines and now I'm having second thoughts. Not really sure which branch I should join now lol any opinions/thoughts on that?

  8. Hello I just sweared in the dep and I really want to do infintary!! (But do I?) any advice. I'm honestly looking for your opinion

  9. Hey I'm 17 years old, currently I'm a United States Marine Corps Poolee. Quick question: is the Combat Engineer MOS any fun? 

  10. I'm really terrible on my crunches.
    I'll do 53 on one IST and then the next I'll do like 46. ugh. But thanks for the encouragement man

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