This episode we look at the basics of booking a flight. What to do and what not to do. We go back to the fundamentals for first time travellers and discuss checking in online, reserving your seat and whether you need to print out your confirmation!

Using a flight comparison website is a great start. Momondo, Skyscanner, Google flights and Kyak are all great.

Be flexible on your dates as you can save yourself a fortune by dealing your trip by as little as 2 days.

Once you have found the perfect flight, jump over to the airlines official website to see if they can offer it any cheaper.

On budget airlines you may have to pay to pre-book your seat. You don’t need to do this. Your “seat” is confirmed already and you can get assigned a seat at check in for free if you are not fussy.

You need to check your baggage allowance. Each airline differs with this. Hand luggage now has a weight and item restriction, so check before you go to the airport. If you are checking any luggage then budget airlines will normally charge extra for these bags.

MAKE SURE you add this to your booking before your flight as paying for checked luggage at the airport could set you back 4 times as much!

On long haul flights, meals are normally included and you can tell them whilst booking if you need a vegetarian option. With short haul, depending upon the airline you can normally purchase snacks mid-air!

You pay for a flight using a debit/credit card. If you have a credit card, this can sometimes be better as you are sometimes offered protection on your payment.





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  1. Im extremely scared! I never flew before and im planing my first trip in a few months. .__. Im afraid that i might put my luggage in the wrong section or something and before you know it its of to another country x_x.

  2. Hey I've got a question… If you book a flight to Australia or South Africa, aren't they always really expensive? How can you get them for a few hundred??
    And when you arrived to that country… How do you know where to sleep? What do you do there?
    Thanks a lot xx

  3. This is great! a lot of my friends ask me about the basics of backpacking and such and this just backs up what I say, I'll send them these videos in reference in the future :)

  4. I am always waaay to scared to forget something or that the apps / internet won't work so I tend to print everything out :D

  5. What is your advice in when to book the flight? I heard some say there may have better price around 4-6 weeks before the actual travel date.. Thanks

  6. Please do a video on backpacker luggage! If the backpack you take counts as hand luggage or if you pay extra? And how to pack the smallest amount including what you're allowed to take in hand luggage. Thanks so much, I'm going to australia at the end of the year and your videos have been really helpful! x

  7. here you are! I love your personality!!!
    Your video was just in time haha
    Hey, if you have some free time can you advice how can people pack all things if they plan to go somewhere for a long time..Like for one year..after which they can only visit home and take clothes

  8. Thank you for this!!! I'm sure that this series will be very helpful to us all who want to travel a lot, but never have!!

  9. Hi I love your channel and I am going on a gap year after I graduate college and am a very organized person so I was wondering if you suggested any guidebooks like the lonely planet shoestring series! Thanks :-)

  10. I do want to be super clear that you don't need to print out a flight confirmation which is sent immediately after booking a flight however if you check in online and don't have an app then YOU WILL NEED TO PRINT OUT YOUR BOARDING PASS. Just so we are super dooper clear! :D

  11. Hey lady, long time Pyscho Traveller fan and I think this is the first time I disagree with you, so boarding passes? Maybe long haul is different but I fly loads within europe and you WILL need a copy of your boarding pass either on your phone or paper form, companies like EasyJet and RyanAir will ask to see them several times, if your checking a bag, you need to scan it before security, you show it at the gate and when you board the plane, I would not advise going to the airport without it!

  12. I recently stumbled upon your channel and i really fancy on how you do things. I started to save up for around the world trip, your videos help me get more general knowledge on what i should expect from the trip. The only con about your channel is, it makes me want to go on my trip this very instant but i don't have the money :/

  13. I went on my first flight in December and not knowing the airport procedure beforehand seriously frustrated me. I always heard bad things about security, but I figured if I checked in early and since I was only traveling with a carry on, I'd be fine, but in the back of my mind I still worried that something would go wrong and I'd lose something important. Luckily, that first flight was a breeze – check in, security and everything… the second and third flights came so naturally to me.

  14. YES MAKE A VIDEO ON CONNECTING FLIGHTS!! This is my biggest concern when going to Australia. Especially considering the fact that the cheapest flights tend to have 2 or 3 stops

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