How to bottle beer

How to bottle beer

I’m bottling the ginger pale ale I made. Showing the easy way to wash , rinse, and sanitize the beer bottles for bottling. Lot’s of tips to help you become efficient in the most time consuming part of brewing beer.


  1. Question: after squirting them with sanitizer fluid, how do you dry them? Do you wash the sanitizer off? 

  2. what a waste if 8 minutes.  I never did this and the siphon isn't working, the store is closed becz it's Christmas. ARGH!  you didn't show exactly how to do it you just basicall y showed how to wash bottles, which any idiot knows how to do. we, new people don't know how to use the new equipment

  3. The worst thing you can do to beer in a cafe or bar, is to wash dishes with the beer glasses. The fat will fill the small cracks and irregularities in the glass, so you will get flat beer.

    Since soap is fat, I can not believe it is good washing beer bottles in it.

  4. I am using just regular dish soap to wash the dishes. The sanitizer I was using is called Oxysan but I cant find it around here any longer. I now use starsan

  5. steve, what kind of sanitize you are you using? can you name it? looks like you are using liquid soap to wash the bottles

  6. Twist off bottles work fine regardless what you read online. You can twist the caps off but they're not as easy as the store bought beer…. I just use a bottle opener. If you get a chip in the threads (it will happen over time but not often) chuck the bottle.

  7. Steve, first off great videos!!! I see you are using twist off top bottles….. I was told you couldnt get a good seal with them and have been avoiding them. Unfortunatey in Nova Scotia , as you know, majority of beers are twist tops. Do you get just as good of seal with them, and once recapped are they twist of again, or pop tops?
    Thanks for the time in answering y newbie questions!

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