How To Care For Hamsters

How To Care For Hamsters

This guide is a helpful time-saver that will enable you to get good at hamsters. Watch our video on How To Care For Hamsters from one of Videojug’s professional experts.

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  1. Forget buying shredded paper THESES ARE WILD ANIMALS make there life as normal as possible trust me nothing will happen

  2. NEVER EVER clean the Hamster's cage every week and disinfect the cage down. It causes stress in a hamster and it's like your bedroom being changed every week. it wouldn't feel like your own room. Also, they promote themselves as killing 99.9% of bad bacteria, but us and animals need a bit of bad bacteria to help fight of illnesses. Hamsters are Species not Breeds.

  3. Thanks!these tips will help me care for my first hamster! Me and my friend are getting hamsters and doing research and I was wondering if anyone knew a good place where we can get happy,active,and healthy hamsters?? I am alsi wondering if there are specific toys that are good for hamsters. I don't want our hamsters getting hurt in them. Thanks!

  4. She is wrong about almost everything
    I have had six hamsters(one i still have) and they all lived two or three years and they had wood shavings an dal so my current hamster kizzie is a rescue hamster and if you rearrange her cage she almost DIES or a panic attack or stress 

  5. I used wood shaving when I had my old syrian hamster but because she had really really long hair and it made her legs sore so we got some soft multi coloured stuff but when she died of old age and we got a new short haired Syrian we gave her wood shaving and she has been fine,alert, playful and active for one and a half years and we have had no broblems 

  6. i just thought I would like to clear things up ….
    If you live in the uk and you bought your wood shavings from a petstore they went through a dust test and they are 100% safe for small pets but if you live on the us they sell woodshavings without putting them through the dust test !!!!! 

  7. Why would they seep wood shavings at pets stores if it weren't ok?? It's fine I use it and my hamster is happy 🙂 

  8. Your dumb you don't scatter the food because they use the bathroom everywhere so yeah just saying you bad hamster care guide

  9. Hamsters need 360 sq. in. Of floor space. Hamster food should have 19% of protein. Hamster food should be fed in a bowl, don't change the food until your hamster eats it. ALL. Food bowls help you keep up with how much food they eat. Hamsters cages can be cleaned less than once a week depending on the cage size. Just spot clean it every other day. Dwarf hamsters (excluding Robovroskis and including Chinese hamsters) can get diabetes, they should not be fed sugary foods. Syrian hamsters need 8-12 in. wheels and dwarf hamsters need 6.5 in. wheels. No wire wheels. 

  10. No, not really, but if you hear your dwarf hamster crying at night or something like that, it may feel neglected or lonely.

  11. When she says "no wood shavings", I'm assuming she's talking about cedar shavings, aspen is perfectly fine. From what she described with the breathing issues and skin problems, that is definitely the effects of cedar.

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