How to Check Not charging Laptop Repair (Chip Level).eng

How to Check Not charging  Laptop Repair (Chip Level).eng

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  1. hi my msi h61m-p20 (g3) motherbord is not poweron . how to check a motherbord not power on problems and how to check vrm section plz help me sir .

  2. hi  my nc6400 hp laptop not on connect the batt after coming  green led dim but not on that time Orange led blinking any time power on switch showing orange led blinking   ,and after remove the batt apply adaptor  but not on  plz . give me any idea

  3. Hi my laptop is not able to charge pc but my laptop work without battery I don't know I change charger battery help me

  4. hey i'm one of your viewers,i know you have a lot of knowledge about laptop problems,can you please teach how to fix acer laptop no detect power.thanks

  5. Hi, sorry about my bad english, can you help me with a HP DV6 DAUT1AMB6E1 motherboard: it runs only in battery mode, power supply adapter is good. With power adapter, power jack led comes on, no other led are on, no battery charge. some section on the motherboard are powered.
    Thanks in advantage.

  6. Hi, do you know where I can buy motherboard components? I have an acer which needs the L502 component replacing (The bit that supplies the power to the battery connector) But I cant find 1 anywhere, I have also checked ebay for used motherboards so I can poach the part from but there are currently none available.


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