How to chip the ball close every time. In this weeks Go Low PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman talk about choosing the right club for the right situation.

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  1. Great advice guys, I struggle to break 90. So, i think this tip helps me get closer to achieving my next goal. I never thought of a 2 to 3 yd inside the green landing zone.

  2. I watched this to learn how to not hit that sand wedge fat and the guy giving the lesson catches it fat?! Take 2? Lol

  3. Sometimes we watch tour pro's short games and you can actually make it more difficult then it needs to be. Phil Mickelson is awesome but he isn't someone we should copy. This video was great because all we need to ask ourselves is what is the easiest shot to play when around the green. I used to use LW and SW regularly. Always misjudged the distance. Probably used PW most now and putting averages improved too a double win. Not as sexy but your scorecard looks better at the end

  4. Great video guys. I lately have been struggling with my chips from the foregreen while using the sandwedge. Now I know why, thanks for the help!:)

    By the way, what pants are those?

    Greets from Germany

  5. This is a great video! Can't wait to try these options on the course! Thank you for making clear what has been a frustrating experience this year on the course by struggling with this very issue. Looking forward to applying this lesson.

  6. Thanks Andy n Piers! I came across your videos last winter. I watch them all the time. I've managed to reduce my handicap 12 shots to 14.9! I saw Bernhard Langer use a hybrid for his chip from around the green. I've seen others use a 3 wood as well. Can u cover this one n when to use it? Keep up the good work!

  7. Ole bubba uses exclusively a 60 degree wedge from every shot from 100 yards or less. He is a beast! Personally I choose 53 56 or 60 some times pw rarely aanything more but I shall try a 6 iron- 9 iron to see results thanks!

  8. Lotsa good players told me the same as you just did in your video, but I am way more consistent by going to a PW at max, mostly using my LW for any distance below 90 yards, because I feel very good when spinning the ball, when I do use the running shots tho is when there is an obvious slope towards the flag which I can use to control my rolling path just like a long putt.
    Nonetheless it's a great lesson especially for people who are having trouble with the short game.
    My personal difference in is rather in the swing and the way I use the club and my body weight(letting the ball pop up and land it with few spin when I want it to roll out or accelerate more through the impact to spin more, depending on where I feel is the best spot to land it)

  9. i think this was your most informative video ive seen, ive always struggled with these kinda chip shots because i choose the wrong club , but this helped so much!!! thanks guys, i subbed after seeing this too

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