How to choose and buy luggage for travel

How to choose and buy luggage for travel

This video will show you how to choose the right luggage for your travel needs.

3 Steps on How to Set a TSA Combination Lock of Your Luggage

Many have bought a new luggage from our store and not all of them actually know how to set a TSA combination lock. Watch this video to learn how to set a new combination of your TSA lock. For more travel luggage & accessories, visit


  1. Oh Man! I just went out N bought a luggage today both the wheels stick out. N the sides bent in. I'm going to return this asap! 🙁 

  2. As someone who knows the challenge of learning a second language, I laughed way too hard at this video. Oh my gosh that was way too cute. Luggages. <3

  3. I want to buy a baggage with 4 wheel spinner system maneuvers 360 which means that wheels will stick out. You mentioned that wheels should not stick out. What would you recommend? Two wheels or 4 wheels?

  4. can somebody tell me why you could not use a backpack or a military rucksack for your check in baggage ?

  5. Would a 28" suitcase be okay to travel with?  It'll be my first time traveling by plane and I am concerned about the suitcase dimension, but I saw that you had a 30" What height is the one with the broken zippers?

  6. thanks for the information and tips. I have one cuestion about the wheels. Which model  you recommend that  is the best not broken easily with four wheels or two wheels?

  7. I am shopping for luggage and came across your video. It is great to hear suggestions from a regular traveler and not someone affiliated with the manufacturer. Enlightened me on things I never would have thought of about luggage. You probably saved me a bundle because I won't be investing in something that I will have to replace sooner than expected. Much appreciation.

  8. While it seems like a natural to stack a smaller bag on top of the larger, you carry less weight if it's hung from the front of the larger bag, lowering the center of gravity.

  9. No matter what the brand or price, I have seen my share of both soft and hard case destroyed. Luggage will last if you're lucky and was handled properly but no luggage will survive if it's ran over by a baggage car which I have seen more than once.

  10. FOR ME…This was the BEST set of instructions. They all seem to be a bit different, though, but I found my guy!! :)

  11. Exelente video, habia probado con varios sin tener resultado hasta que di con tu video y a la primera me salio…muchas gracias

  12. Excellent video, had tried several without result until I found your video and I went to the first … thank you very much

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