How to clean sofas,upholstery and fine furniture by Rob Allen Carpet Cleaning

How to clean sofas,upholstery and fine furniture by Rob Allen Carpet Cleaning
Here is a quick synopsis of upholstery and or furniture cleaning by Rob Allen of Truckmountforums. Rob Allen has the highest quality training dvd sales in the world. Type in Youtube search bar carpet cleaning and you will see he has the #1 video in the world on stairs. This is a follow up of with a simplified way to clean upholstery and furniture. The dvd’s are a must for any carpet cleaning company as it stress’s and shows’ how to build clients for a lifetime. Truckmountforums is now the largest fastest growing digital company in the industry. Be sure to join and check out the TMF Clean Informer magazine. Thanks for watching. Please comment and subscribe!


  1. Amazing job and really helpful just one question what is the name of the cleaner liquids you are using or how do I ask in the store to get the better material to clean my couch. thanx

  2. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for the video. You have given this home owner the confidence I needed to clean my couch. God bless you and your business.

  3. "God made"? Ugh, HOW ABOUT NATURAL OR SYNTHETIC MATERIAL. You have just imposed upon and offended me with your religion. Very unprofessional.

  4. I wish you were in Washington, DC metro area. I need your service in Maryland. I have contacted your office several times. They say you are not available. of course you must be a busy man. Wondering if you want to expand your business in this area? I have personal and business interest. Please communicate. Best wishes.

  5. 2.36 – did you really say " god made "  or " man made"-  ( rather than Natural fibres? ) Really? In 2015 ?  Are you implying that god didn't make man ? Or , if you are not, then " man made" also comes under your " god made" category too doesn't it?  – Anway, back to the coffee stain on my couch………….  

  6. Great video Allen. You just have me a great tip on setting up the cushions on a foldable table. This will definitely save some back pain. 

  7. Mr Allen is good technical resource, and great communicator.  I saw a video of you about two years ago, the video about, cleaning a stair.  the i thought, wow that's cool i would like to be has good has he is so i could market y business to get moore custmer.

    I start videos on youtube here in montreal, in french and it works well, i continue to visit your video that are inspiring to put some life in hour industrie !  Kepp go on !

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