How to Clean & Store Bags with Lexol & Blackrock | Desgettier

How to Clean & Store Bags with Lexol & Blackrock | Desgettier

Here’s how I clean my bags and a few storage tips! I have to thank the Purse Forum — everything I know about how to care for handbags, I learned from tPF and Docride. I’m not a leather expert — just a girl who loves her handbags! In this video I used Lexol pH wipes and Blackrock Leather N Rich on my Chanel WOC (caviar leather) and Prada (saffiano leather). It’s best if you know what leather you’re working with — and double check whether it’s OK to use this method. For example, Chanel lambskin is very delicate … Do your research, and proceed with caution 🙂

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Her part of the collab:
Michelle Nwin’s channel:

Docride’s handbag care thread on the Purse Forum:

Docride on Chanel caviar leather:
*NOTE: Per Docride, Chanel caviar has an overspray that will be removed if you use Blackrock on your bag. I’m OK with this because the overspray will wear off eventually anyway, and my priority is to care for the actual leather underneath 🙂

Blackrock Leather N Rich:
Lexol pH Quick wipes:



  1. What about scruff what can help remove them ? I have a pair of gucci shoes and I have scuffs in some areas

  2. Hi, would lexol conditioner works in replacement of blackrock? I can only can lexol cleanser and conditioner in a bottle. Amazon does not ship out of USA.

  3. Sick advice! I'm always getting foundation/makeup fingers, it's inevitable sometimes when on the go.
    Thank you so much

  4. This is an interesting video. You didn't really show the cleaning of your Saffiano leather bag. Your hardware was in the way. There would be no foundation fingers if you washed your hands before you picked up your bag. You can't buff away the imprint on a leather bag. It is heat pressed into the leather. The bottom of your Chanel is sagging because your leather is softening. Make sure you wipe off the Blackrock. Um one thing the purse forum people don't tell you is that product can weaken the thread stitching on your Chanel or any bag with cross stitching. I don't trust any of those on Purse Forum. No one is consistant. Do be careful with Chanel bags. Too much product can do more damage to specialized leathers used on the bag. You only need to clean once a year if at all.

  5. hello I've been wondering if this method works on calfskin leather? and how can i clean light colored lambskin bag?? it would be so helpful thank!

  6. I have a white prada saffiano that is REALLY dirty. Do you think these products will clean it? Also, the stitching has gone dark with dirt, how should I clean this?

  7. is it om to use blackrock for my chanel jumbo caviar leather? cause the leather is soo dry thanks i wish you reply it soon

  8. I had lambskin and python bag, Lexol pH wipes and Blackrock Leather N Rich are suitable for them ? thanks

  9. Can I do this with LV's epileather? My fuchsia alma BB has so much wear on it and I don't know how to clean it

  10. My vintage chanel lambskin is so dry.. I wonder if i can use the blockrock and make it look a little shinny? 

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