How to Clean your Gear

How to Clean your Gear

Dawn Dishwashing Soap is the Bomb! Got oil on your gear? here is how to Clean it off. Comet works great for road tar BTW.


  1. Lots you could have learned if you would have ever rode a KLR!! Never Forget where I came from!! I learned a lot from the KLR guys!!

  2. great video.
    are you going to include this information in your book, NT8 and the Art of Motocycle Maintenance? can't wait to read it. 

  3. I used to go fishing with several couples. Always noticed that the women seemed to do better in most cases. So I started watching them. The women who had the most luck washed the dishes just before they left the house … and they used DAWN. So, because I refuse to clean anything, I tried washing my hands with it before fishing. Unbelievable difference!! 

  4. you got it man! no messing around! going straight to the solution.
    DAWN the solution to every dirt rider! ride it! and dawn it! loll
    cool trick.

  5. Another trick … wash your hands in DAWN and rinse really well before you go fishing … (AND don't use tobacco until after you bate your hook) your luck will improve by 150%. 

  6. Did all the oil come off? If they look as good as new i bet revit would love to hear about it and see the links to the videos about the whole mess.

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