How to cook a basic meal: Chicken & Rice

How to cook a basic meal: Chicken & Rice

basic tutorial on how to cook chicken & rice
You CANNOT get big without eating!

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  1. I'm a 74 YO, out of shape, bad habits kind of guy, but I am careful about what I stick down my throat. Your methodology differs from mine but with the same ingredients. Yours is better by double. I tried this method and it was outstanding! I can do without the steamer and complex rice prep and cook. Simple. Bam!

  2. that looks like a good meal!
    add this one to the menu…
    22 ounce ribeye steak, cooked rare.
    1 baked russet potato with 2tbl spoons sour cream & real butter.
    1 ear corn, (grilled w/ steak)
    1 small dinner salad, w/ Olive oil& balsamic vinegar.
    one small bowl of oatmeal with grandma's dark molasses, butter and cream,( raisins& sliced bananas optional)
    3 poached xtra- large eggs w/ red Tabasco sauce.
    one large slice Dutch apple pie, with sharp cheddar cheese slice melted.
    1 large scoop vanilla ice cream.
    1 large glass fresh whole milk.
    1 toothpick

    and after enjoying this wonderful meal…
    excuse yourself from dinner table and take long nap….

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