How to Cook a simple Risotto by The Fat Kid Inside

How to Cook a simple Risotto by The Fat Kid Inside

Simple and delicious risotto, applicable tp any style.

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  1. If I can't find Arborio rice which is my next option? I can't seem to find that kind of rice in Rustan's Katipunan. :/ I am a uni student and I want to spend less. I am learning how to cook.

  2. So.. if wanted it to be lemon risotto then i would need to just add lemon juice and zest to this original recipe or do i have to tweak it so it would balance up the flavours of the risotto.. Btw, great vid, love the fact there's always a new video every week.. And ooh, solenn is totally my girl crush.. :')

  3. And omg. When you said "if you want us to show how to cook something, comment down below" I was like, omg. I have tons! Haha. 

  4. Is there anything else you can use as a substitute for white wine? And what is the broth composed of, can it just be any broth? 

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