How to Cook a Steak in a Pan – Gordon Ramsay

How to Cook a Steak in a Pan - Gordon Ramsay

Learn how to cook a steak in a pan to perfection by Chef Gordon Ramsay.


  1. Don't overcook it. It defeats it's own purpose. You overcook iit, it's no good. Didn't I just say not to overcook it? BRING IT OVA HEAH!

  2. Ended up saying screw it and came to Gordon Ramsay. Every single video on how to cook a steak is completely different from the last one.

  3. How hot should the stove be? As in —- is there a setting I could put the stove on to cook the steak rare without oil splattering all over my kitchen? Actually, why limit my question just to the stove setting? Is there any precaution you recommend that would allow me to cook my steak ultra-rare without oil splattering everywhere? I'd really like to know —- because I love the taste of ultra-rare steak — but don't like oil splattering all over my kitchen when I cook it.

  4. I cook 5 min each side.
    After that I'm taking off the all oil from pan.
    The steack is clear in the pan, put some spices, some wine and quicly again for 3-5 min with the cover.

  5. puh-LEASE don't tell me cooks in restaurants touch our food like this!! reallllly hope they've washed their hands like they're supposed to

  6. It's funny, on another video he talks about the importance of turning the steak every minute to keep it cooking evenly. I've always stuck to the 1 turn school of thought.

  7. I personally use olive oil with a small spoonful of minced garlic. I just the love that flavor. Otherwise, I cook my steaks exactly the same as this.

  8. Of course everyone has their own Idea about how to cook steak. His is not my way, and my way would not be your way. The best way to cook your steak is your way… My way is to brush on Worcestershire sauce and melted margarine or butter, then sprinkle with salt and course pepper. Cook on a grill outside and never in a pan for about 12 minutes per side using low to medium heat. Turn the steak 4 times to get hashed grill marks and baste with sauce after each turning… This yields a medium-well steak which is what I like.

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