How To Cook Chicken Breast on The Stove

How To Cook Chicken Breast on The Stove

This is how I prepare my chicken when I do meal prep. It doesn’t take as much time, and it tastes better than baked chicken in my opinion. Thanks for watching.


  1. Wish I had watched this before I just over cooked my chicken. I can never get the heat right. I'll try again tomorrow and turn that knob down!

  2. Thanks for the vid man, sounds very simple and real hard to mess up. I've been wanting to learn how to cook basic simple meals for awhile, gonna start trying it since it's Lent, I gave up all microwave food like Marie Calanders, Stouffers, Jimmy Dean, all that kind of frozen food, so now I actually gotta cook my food lol.

  3. thank you for this video. very understandable and helpful. we don't have oven at the moment and my chicken has always been under-cooked on the stove. I will try this later.

  4. Wow! It's nice that people take the time out of their already busy lives and show us how to do stuff properly, thanks Trey for the video..

  5. a piece of advice I have for whoever uses seasonings, it is much better to use a nonstick pan like Teflon than a plain stainless pan. when you use stainless and oil, the seasoning cakes on the pan with the oil and forms a sort of burned gristle, which means there will be none left for your chicken because its all stuck to the pan. use a non stick pan and the seasoning stays on the meat where its supposed to be. I had to learn that through trial and error.

  6. Used this way twice now to cook chicken to add to meal and to have cold next day and have to say both times excellent chicken, many thanks to you.

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