How To Cook Chicken In Bulk – Bodybuilding Meal Preparation

How To Cook Chicken In Bulk - Bodybuilding Meal Preparation

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How To Cook Chicken In Bulk
Bodybuilding Meal Preparation
This video can help benefit anyone, especially beginners since I get this question very often. It is quite simple to prepare your meals in bulk and will save you a lot of time and stress. Here are some simple guidelines:

Preheat the over to around 400 degrees (temperature may vary depending on your oven)

Rinse off the chicken and trim any unwanted fat.

Place chicken on a non stick cooking sheet

Add any spices, seasonings, and sauces of your liking.

When oven is at desired temperature place chicken in for approximately 40 minutes ( again time will vary)

How to know if your chicken is cooked:
Cut into the biggest piece and check to see if the juices inside run clear and there are no signs of pink!

If you are using a meat thermometer the temperature for fully cooked chicken is 165 degrees Fahrenheit!

Hope this helps !

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  1. Three Things:
    1) First and foremost, good on you for trying to help people!
    2) I love how your dad (I'm assuming) is just nonchalantly using the sink while you record this!
    3) You cut finger condom looks like a chef's hat! LOL

  2. Is this good to lose weight? I'm trying to lose weight then bulk up , I know it's a numbers game to lose weight but all I do is cardio

  3. Aye I know you say you arent afraid of sodium but I know you are probably talking about putting it in your body right? I suggest cooking with garlic powder and then adding the salt afterwords to taste because salt tends to dry out any meat you put it on while it cooks and makes it less juicy and amazing.

  4. That looks really good. I HATE cooking, and thats what keeps me from eating as healthy as I'd like, so this seems good!

  5. hi matty love your videos ,could you please answer a question for me I keep getting different answers. How much protein is in a 100g of cooked chicken breast. Thanks

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