How to Cook German Food – Schnitzel, Spaetzle, Recipes for German Cooking

How to Cook German Food - Schnitzel, Spaetzle, Recipes for German Cooking

How to Cook German Cuisine – Recipes for Schnitzel, Spaetzle and Mushroom Sauce. Learn to Cook! Recipes from the Grill sergeants.


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  1. hello iam from Germany and is not Tradition Bavaria food. not Eggs in Spätzle comes from Schwaben not Bavaria. and the mushrom Souce is not original.iam from Bavaria Straubing .And the music is soo old is not music from Oktoberfest. is so sugestiv!!!!

  2. thank you for your channel! I love german rescipies. I grew up in Frankfurt AM Mein and lived in platenstrasse by the tv tower .. miss it

  3. This is AWESOME!!! My students loved this video in Culinary Arts. Very fun and informative. Thank you for posting!

  4. I understand that as an American you will not make original, genuine German food. That's all right. Actually I can bear with most of what I see in this video.

    The Spätzle however are just plain wrong from A to Z. That doesn't even roughly resemble real Spätzle. Spätzle are a type of egg-pasta/noodles, not dumplings.

  5. nice video. I appreciate seeing Americans getting interested in German cuisine. You do it well but just a few advice: you should salt and pepper the meat before breading it, it has to be fried in more fat (a Schnitzel has to swim, Grandma used to say), where I come from the Spätzle are much thinner – more like Spaghetti – you can either chop them from a wooden plate or use a press (a special device)…. I would definitely add some cream to the mushroom sauce (and perhaps even not use a roux as a base – it is sufficient to fry the mushrooms with onions, put some fond over it, wait till it reduces and then put cream in it).. but all in all good job. It was nice to watch. (I used to listen a lot to AFN radio in the 80ies)

  6. I liked it. It is clearly German-style. Not traditionally, but clearly German food.
    I can' understand the haters. And his versions seem to be very yummy!

  7. Beer in a Mushroom-Soup? I´m German and never hear about that.

    EDIT: Okay.. i have search by Google for this…. it is a Bavarian Recipe…. PLEASE Americans -> BAVARIA IS NOT GERMANY ! BAVARIA IS ONLY A STATE IN GERMANY AND ALL OTHER STATES IN GERMANY HAS OWN RECIPES! NOT ALL GERMANS EAT "SPÄTZLE" – "SCHNITZEL" – "BRATWURST" – "SAUERBRATEN" these are typical Bavarian Recipes, not German Recipes! ………………

  8. Some german here. Don't let overly harsh criticism get to your heart.Traditions are what evolved after something traditional got replaced by the new thing. Traditions are only constant to those who grew up with it. On the bigger picture they are fluent, changing with every generation and your way to do things is now a part of it.
    Great show.
    And now I am hungry for some Schnitzel. ;P

  9. Thanks so much for your insight!  I've been wanting to learn how to make German food.  Most of my ancestors were German and it would be something nice to know.

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