How to Cook Meat with a Smoker: no BBQ sauce required

How to Cook Meat with a Smoker: no BBQ sauce required



  1. I have the same grill and after a few years going to get my self in to a Yoder in the new month or so. You are cooking like I do and using the the exhaust vent not as it should but works well! great grill for most people though!

  2. I don't think you can call something "Smoked", when wrapped in foil. Take it out and let the smokoe kiis it.

  3. Thanks. BBQ seems to be an art, time and temp. My tries with Smoke a Nator on Weber have been way disappointing, hours and still under cooked. Temp flux was a pistol, never tried tin foil, thanks.

  4. just rescued a perfectly good smoker from beside our apartment dumpster. We live in an area where military are leaving at a moments notice, and they sometimes just have to leave behind good useful items. we haven't used it yet, so do you ever put the meat on without tin foil? Sounds like you don't. Thanks for the vid. It's more useful than the ones put out by the BBQ competition guys. LOVE COURAGE

  5. if you would take the time to learn fire control you can get rid of the foil i cooked on thease types of smokers for close to 30 years and if you take the time to learn how to run a clean fire you will be able to make some of the finest bbq you ever taste

  6. Nice and simple method. I liked it. To help minimize the smoke flavor instead of using foil is to start a secondary fire using a charcoal chimney. Let the wood burn down to glowing coals with no smoke. You will be cooking with pure heat and not adding more smoke. Or try using lump charcoal with a few chunks of apple wood for the smoke flavor. Great job!

  7. I cook the meat in aluminum foil until it is almost done(usually 45-90min) then I unwrap the foil from the meat and let it smoke in the smoker for @ 15 min. You will have to experiment with how much smoke flavor you like by varying the time the meat sits bare on the racks.

  8. I usually like your videos, good stuff.. Not this one. I really don't like being the guy to criticize on youtube… it's kind of pointless. But I just have such a huge passion for grilling/smoking, and this was more like a video on how NOT to cook meat with a smoker. Very bad demo for people looking to learn. BTW, charbroil smokers will rust away to scrap in a year or two unless cleaned and put inside when not in use. Much better videos on youtube for cooking with a smoker. Stick to prepping!

  9. u must not be a prepper in this video cause your meat isn't done right for storage u don't use foil because your meat will be wet and juicy and will attract animals and will start to rot u want the outside hard and dry as possible to hang in the smoke house or in a dry cool place u must not have a smoke house or u wouldn't have a smoker

  10. We have a lot of rosemary growing here.. i love to cut a bunch and toss it on the coals anytime I bbq… mmmmmm yummy…

  11. @wjthomas82 Sounds good ! I used to work with a guy who would throw down some cinder blocks, start a fire with live oak, put a 4×8 sheet of expanded metal on the blocks and then the pig. He had some kind of clear red bbq stuff he used to pour on it as it was cooking. I think that was the best bbq I ever had. He would never share what was in the clear red bbq liquid. Thank you for watching and good luck with the boar.

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