How to cook noodles/Maggi noodles in Microwave.

How to cook noodles/Maggi noodles in Microwave.

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If your noodles is not cooked after 3 min, try to cook for additional 1 min and check if the food is cooked as per your requirement.


  1. guys u dont really hv to crush it..its not pasta.u shud eat the noodle as the fork twist the noodle up to ur mouth..tats the best part of eatin noodle/ramen..

  2. i tried this today for the first time in my life making maggi in a microwave , its came out excellent , it took almost 4 mins , thank you very much ……………………………….

  3. What is a safe container container? o.O
    I put a china clay bowl and it broke. O.o
    I put a plastic bowl, it wasn't round anymore… o.O
    I still havent tried a glass yet… O.o

    *shuush mom doesn't have to know"… -.-

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