HOW TO COOK PERFECT RICE – Make Perfect Rice every time

HOW TO COOK PERFECT RICE - Make Perfect Rice every time

▼ Electric Top Tips Below ▼

How to make Perfect Rice

Today in Steve’s Kitchen I would like to show you a fail safe way to Cook Rice in 10 Minutes, without boiling it to death in a gallon of water.

Ingredients Below

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You will Need

1 Cup of Rice to 1 Cup of water.
1 pinch of Salt to taste per cup of rice.

*Electric Stove Tips*

I recently had to cook on electric for a couple of months. which was a great chance to test this method.

I had no real trouble at all getting it to work. I used one ring, on high, to bring the Rice to a dancing edge but because Electric stoves don’t cool as quick as Gas, it’s important to move it to a fresh ring on low (make sure it is already on low, a cold plate will zap the heat out of your pot) on my hob setting 2 seemed too work best. it came out perfect time and time again.

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HOW TO COOK PERFECT RICE – Make Perfect Rice every time

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  1. I had major doubts because my rice always turns out as a sticky pile of garbage no matter what directions I follow… But this was by far the easiest and best rice I've ever made! Great tip!

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