How to Cook Pizza on the Big Green Egg

How to Cook Pizza on the Big Green Egg

Equipment: plate setter, pizza stone, pizza shovel or a few spatulas for transferring.

My friend Tyler from Dallas is a pizza master on the Big Green Egg. He brought dough from Jimmy’s Italian Market in East Dallas. We recommend that you buy dough from a market or pizza restaurant, or look up a recipe to make your own. Do not use a pre-made crust.

Light the charcoal, and wait for about 15-20 minutes before you put the plate setter in. Place the plate setter in with feet pointing down, and put your pizza stone on top of it. Bring your Big Green Egg up to 550 degrees. Make sure that your pizza stone is nice and hot before you put your pizza on. Put enough flour or cornmeal on the bottom of your pizza so it does not stick to the stone. Slide the dough on the pizza stone, and cook until you see the sides starting to crisp.

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