How To Cook The Perfect Rice – Gordon Ramsay

How To Cook The Perfect Rice - Gordon Ramsay

How to cook rice perfectly every time – if you want or need to make the rice without spices, the same method will work.

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  1. A small tip from an Asian boy cooking rice for nearly 20 years: when your rice cooker changes from "cook" to "warm", pull out the plug and wait for 10-15'. Don't open the lid. By doing that, the rice is cooler (more edible) and not stick to pot (important!)

  2. Such a better way to just add water and boil it like your boiling potatoes or something, then drain it once its done, don't know why but comes out perfect that way, don't like this 1 part to 1 and a half part because its always a little soggy or wet when it comes out

  3. its one cup boiling water to 3/4 cups of rinsed rice ,,,, one cup of broth yum if you want it flavored.. add rice stir tell not sticking. lower boiling to a low cover with a lid simmer on low for 20 minutes shut off heat leaving the pan on the stove burner still covered dont peek yet…. in 5 minutes fluff with a fork or rice spoon… fast….. put the lid back on fast…. let sit 5 minutes on the stove top that is cooling down thats why you dont take it off the burner stove top. tasty …. jasymen rise BEST

  4. I've been cooking and eating rice all my life, you should always after rice is cooked let it cool down for 15-30 minutes with lid off before touching it.

  5. You do not take out the rice al dente. It's rice, not risotto. If the grain appears to have an opaque core, it's undercooked. Just leave the lid on for 10-15 minutes after turning the stove off, and let the residual heat cook the rice through.

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