How To Cook The Ultimate,Perfect Steak…

How To Cook The Ultimate,Perfect Steak...

How to cook the perfect Steak.A pan roasted,scottish Beef, Rump Steak,Cooked in minutes,and served with HorseRadish sauce and a cold beer,the ultimate trio,simplicity itself,many thanks.


  1. Scott, at 2:00 If I were you I wouldnt take it upon yourself to act like you know what the long term damage this cause to a human body. Im going out on a limb here and assuming you arent an oncologist, or any sort of doctor by any means, so why take the responsibility upon yourself to claim to your views a fact that in reality….you have jack all knowledge about. I dont want to sound rude but sometimes, think twice before you say stuff. Especially if its going on the internet.

  2. I have to wonder about the sanitation of that butcher block… I've seen you put raw everything on it — and then put cooked everything on it — and then eat from it.

    Now I know that wood cutting boards are naturally antiseptic, but this is a bit much. Please consider using a thick plastic board for your raw, remove it and then continue with your nice butcher block for presentation.

    Enjoy your accent and the tight nature of your prep and cooking environment.

  3. Steak is such a divisive thing. Honestly if you want to cook your steak till its charcoal then drown it in ketchup do whatever makes you happy, its your money you are wasting ;)

  4. Now that looks good, I think ti would be hard to argue that you don't know atleast one of the ebst ways to cook a steak! 😉

    (top tip, add the pepper after so it doesn't burn and go bitter. I've added it to the juices in the pan after then dressed it back onto the steak and although it very subley different it is better, atleast imo)

  5. I think you over cooked it bro and there is other seasonings besides salt a pepper you know but still not all of us can be perfect besides GORDAN RAMSAY

  6. Please stop posting these videos. I can't stop watching them, and they're making me permanently starving. I could eat a horse.

  7. That is exactly how I prepare any steak personally. I think if you put a sauce on a steak you ruin it. That looked awesome Scott until you used that horseradish lol. Must be a England thing. I LOVE YOU VIDS THANKS.

  8. everyone 1 of ur videos has me starving. so simple, yet so tasty. keep up the the good work. Am off to the shops today to get some ox cheek. ha. can't wait to have a pulled beef sandwich. Happy New year by the way!

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