How to Cope with Air Travel

How to Cope with Air Travel

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Cancelled and overbooked flights can put a damper on your getaway. Cope with annoying air travel and focus on your destination.

Step 1: Research
Find the best airfare by researching online and comparing prices. Paying less makes any experience more bearable. Schedule nonstop flights when possible.

Use your miles to upgrade to first class.

Step 2: Mark luggage
Mark your checked luggage with a unique marker or a bright ribbon on the handle to easily find your luggage at baggage claim. You won’t spend half of your trip waiting at the luggage carousel.

Step 3: Pack smart
Pack smart. Bring water, snacks, reading materials, music, and games to fill your time. Any distraction will be a welcome one.

When traveling with kids, pack some of their favorite toys.

Step 4: Arrive early
Expect that things will not run smoothly and arrive early. Allow plenty of time for traffic, check-in, long lines, security check points, and overbookings.

Step 5: Check in
Check in and select your seat. Have your ID ready.

Step 6: Stay calm
Stay calm if your plane is wracked with turbulance. Have a plan in case your flight is delayed or cancelled.

Step 7: Accept compensation
Accept any compensation offered by the airline for overbooked flights and start thinking of your next adventure.

Did You Know?
A modern Boeing airplane with 70 percent seat occupancy is more fuel-efficient than a new automobile carrying two people.


  1. the only thing that you are not allowed to have is water. and you can buy that at any store in an airport. so shut the fuck up!

  2. water? actually airport security prett much assasinates you if you bring water on (unless of course its under 3 ounces and can fit in a quart sized baggie)

  3. @TOMIHU101 lol its a joke cuz why te hell would they need to include internet acces in their need list if you obviously already have 1

  4. @xcrackspiderx ok there are car hundrets acedents evreday and how many plane accedents happeen each day ore year maye once in a blue moon

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