How To Cope With Your Hamster’s Passing

How To Cope With Your Hamster's Passing

“How do I cope when my hamster passes away?” This is a question that many hamster owners want to know. Whether you are a first time owner or you’ve had many hamsters in your life, this video will give you tips on how to cope when your hamster goes to the rainbow bridge. 🙂 Do you have tips not listed in this video? Share them below in the comments!
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For urgent hamster care or health questions, please consult your vet or I can not always reply in a timely manner so it’s important that you do not rely solely on my reply or advice. Thank you for understanding! 🙂


  1. Thank you Hopping Hammy!! I very recently lost an animal, not a hamster, a guinea pig … I have 9 others and so people don't quite get how I can be so upset, especially seeing as I have so many others … but he was so special … he really was my spirit piggy! And it is so true, no two animals are the same!! You can see him in my icon pic. It's been a week … I actually went out today and adopted 3 little hamsters! First time owner! I'm looking forward to spoiling them, but I'm having so much trouble with my other guinea pigs … in that I haven't bonded with them in the same way and everytime I go into their room I'm sad because I miss Grimou.

  2. I lost my hamster Rose yesterday. Her sister Lavender passed away a month before. I'm throwing out all the toys. Rose was in a sleeping position in her nest but we checked if she was (forgot the word, like hamster hibernation) she wasn't. I was wondering if anyone knows how she might of passed away. It's really bothering me because she was only 2 months old.

  3. I just lost my hamster Grizzly a.k.a Grizzly-Girly! She was so sweet!!! Here's the story of that day!!! My friend came over to my house and I needed to clean one of my hamsters cages(Not Grizzly ' s, my other hamster Grumpy's) So I joked around and said " My room smells like dead hamster!!!" We both laughed and walked out of my room. Later that night I went to my room and was going to play with Grizzly, I picked up her hide and she was cold and stiff. At first I was telling myself she was sleeping, but I knew she was gone. I Cried All Night. She died January 13, but it still wasn't that long ago. February 23, yesterday I got a new hamster!!! Thank you for making videos they have helped me with all of my hamsters!!!!

  4. My hamster passed at just over 3 weeks she passed today my little snowy she died from a twisted bowel or a tumour in between here hips

  5. My hamster Sugar died today. She was such a happy and hyper hamster. I miss her terribly. I loved her more than words can express. It's been really hard.

  6. I watch this video like every night because may hamster,cupcake,passed away last week…this helps me alot.thank you hopping hammy!

  7. You're one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube. I really appreciate your advice. My hamster passed on today, and I watched a good a lot of your videos and that made it a bit better. I love your advice on having a good cry, and getting away from it for a while. I also think it's kind of annoying when someone says "Oh, it's just a rat.. why don't you just go buy another one?" I was also wondering if you would do a Q and A, if you're comfortable with being asked questions. I really admire how you admire are true to yourself, and keep your privacy in a range that you are comfortable. I hope you have/had a good Ash Wednesday! :D

  8. My hamster passed away a week ago, it was very hard to deal with. I did find comfort in contacting a woman who breeds hamsters and I will be adopting two of her hamsters that are older and need pet homes 🙂 it took me a couple days to clean out Groot's bin but when I did it helped to have a purpose for it because I needed to make a home for my new friend coming in (and I bought a new tub for the second one!)

  9. My little sweet hamster Dimmy passed away 3 days ago… We came back from vacation (He was left on our good friends) and found him dead… Out of all our little animals – only him… The world slowly crushed for me, he was only 4 months old… But today i made a "Farewell" video for my little hamster and actually felt much better 🙂 I hope he's having fun up there in heaven with my old hamster who passed away 3 years ago… Thank you for this video, it made me feel much better.

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