How to Crochet a Mesh Beach Swimsuit Cover-Up Tunic

How to Crochet a Mesh Beach Swimsuit Cover-Up Tunic

Written Pattern:

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Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat

Wood Buttons:

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  1. Hi Nadia, I love your crochet videos. I have done a few granny squares to teach myself to crochet so thank you. I have been doing this mesh beach cover up and completed one side. It was good because it gave me the confidence to keep at crochet. I am nearly done on the second piece of it but I have one problem which you will think is silly. The second side is larger then the first. I used the same amount of stitches, followed the same exact pattern but when I decided to hold it against the first piece, it was larger by about an inch and a half at the side. Where did I go wrong and can I still sew it together and use it as a top? I am almost deciding not to finish it? Help!! Thank you.

  2. Hi Nadia. I love your videos. You and your Dad are a good team. I had a question, I love your head wraps and clothes in your beautiful pictures… Could you please do a video on where to get these types of clothes and head covers, and how to do the head cover? Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Nadia..I have a question…i would like to put sleeves on it, can you please tell me how to add them..Thank You and love all your videos

  4. Hi Nadia I am starting this and I chained 98 as you did but my measurement is 31 inches, not 25 inches, my body is like yours so I assume I should chain less.Thanks again for sharing.

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