How To Customize Shoes | Angelus Leather Paint

How To Customize Shoes | Angelus Leather Paint

Freshen up an old pair of shoes or completely change a new pair to your liking. In this video we go over how to do a panel color swap and make it durable. This custom will last and hold up to the toddler that will be rocking them.

This is perfect for events, weddings, or anything that requires a specific color. This will work on many materials as well to get your child looking color coordinated.


  1. Is it necessary to apply the acrylic finisher after painting or can we just paint the sneaker and leave it as that?

  2. My friend got me the angelus starter paint thing and I painted a old pair of Jordan's I got at a thrift shop to match my jersey, would definitely get all of your products

  3. I have an all black shoes and i would like to paint it in this color. If i do paint it in this color, would the color change since its a black based shoes??

  4. I just bought the starter kit. I'm going to try this on my old Air Force Ones but do you do multiple layers of paint or just paint everything at once then go to areas you missed?

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