How to Cut My Pet’s Nails – Ask A Vet

How to Cut My Pet's Nails - Ask A Vet

Cutting your pet’s nails may seem like a daunting, even dangerous task. Keep it easy with this video.
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After popular demand, Dr. Courtney Campbell, DVM addresses the sometimes stressful task of cutting your cat and dog’s nails. How often do our pet’s nails need to be cut? And what you can do when you have an unruly pet?

Hosted By: Dr. Courtney Campbell, DVM
Assistant: Alison Womby

Coordinating Producer: Dawn Poomee
Lead Producer: Hai-Lam Phan
Associate Producer: Matt Pagourgis
Graphics: Kate Reynolds

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  1. how do I trim nails on senior chihuahuas that even the vet said may be to stressful on them , they start panting hard hide their feet and try to bite if they even see a clipper in the room… tried the blanket method try the noose method tried having my husband hold them while I tried to cut them.. but in the end had to quit because they were making themselves sick…. is it safe to just leave them alone on the nails , I try to make them walk on sidewalks to try to scuff a little bit off the ends of their nails…need advice on this, it makes me feel like a bad pet parent because they have long nails but they use them like fingers and feel even more guilty when I do manage to get a few cut, they funny afterwards

  2. My dog once got his sew claw and snagged it and ripped the quick. I took him to the vet and he hasn't really liked nail trimming since.

  3. thanks a lot for ur time making the videos i have a question about allergies. we have a pure bred American Bulldog and she is fawn in color which come to find out is rare when it comes to this breed. not only that but we had a allergy
     test done on her and she is allergic to almost everything. She also breaks out in hives every once in awhile. we have been giving her coconut oil in her food and rubbing it on her coat. seems to do a good job and she rally loves it on her food. I was wondering if there is any other type of remedy u know of in this matter of skin and food allergies?? any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Hmmmm.     does it make any difference if you clip the nail square or at an angle ?Maybe a good idea to use an emery board to smooth out the clipped nail ??

  5. My dog doesn't let you touch his feet, but I found out if I use my moms foot filer instead. He doesn't mind that as much.

  6. Very helpful. My dog, a chihuahua, hates having his nails being trimmed. He even cries out loud as if someone stepped on him.

  7. Great video Dr! I just clipped my 2 pups with no problems! (Other than the female kept licking my hand the whole time haha) With your tip about using a flashlight, I was able to find the quick on every nail, and clipped confidently. Thank you for the knowledge!

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