How to Dance the Tango : The Basic Steps in Tango Dancing

How to Dance the Tango : The Basic Steps in Tango Dancing

Learn the basic steps in tango dancing in this free online instructional dance video.

Expert: Sarolta Eke & Tamas Kassay
Bio: Sarolta Eke has been dancing in Ballroom and Latin dance competitions for 6 years and owns a dance club where she’s been teaching for 6 years.
Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky


  1. and this is my point, it should not be called Tango, it should be called something else (say for example Ballroom dance version 2.0.2 or something to that meaning). same should apply to all other dance names.

  2. Says who? Ballroom tango just happens to be different from Argentine tango, just like ballroom Samba is very different from the original Brazilian dance.

  3. People, there is nothing wrong with his foot. This is NOT Argentine tango. The title should have made clear that this is International style ballroom tango. This is the way it is danced.

  4. I am sorry but there is only one real Tango, the one that was created in South America. The rest, I am afraid, should not be called Tango ….

  5. I do understand that is different types of tango but the argentinian is the best.
    Asi la persona no este bailando tango para exhibicion se sigue viendo q el tango es apasionado y de movimientos sensuales….es una lastima q la juventud argentina no lo quiera bailar tanto como los nuevos ritmos q se escuchan actualmente.

  6. (part 3) but if you want to choose one, go for the Argentinian. It is not stiff, head twisting and stuck like the ballroom style. Good. luck!

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